Ediroute explores the use of digital data to manage overcrowdedness and plastic waste production in the City of Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival while also creating an enjoyable and memorable experience through the co-creation of data-driven souvenirs. 
Ediroute involves a customizable bottle, fitted out with a scratch-map that the user can use to scratch out the places they’ve visited, marking their personal experiences and creating mementoes of Edinburgh festival events. The bottle goes hand-in-hand with an app. It is fitted with specific routes to take tourists on easy-to-follow, exciting walks around the majority of the centre and the whole of the city.
Inspired by GPS artists and with some help from the Landscape Architecture student, I created a new map of my own. Mapping the venues of 2019 and predicting future venues (schools, art centres, museums etc.) I began to make my simple GPS art of iconic Scottish symbols, linking many venues and tourist hot spots together or having them nearby a route. This way, tourists can explore the entire city and still enjoy the Fringe festival. I decided to create a drawing of Scottish symbols because they are very recognisable by everyone, and also, the visitor would be able to connect further with Scottish culture.
On the app, the maps would allow tourists to pick the venues/areas they wish to visit and provide a choice of shapes to walk and the ‘difficulty, which would be determined by the average number of steps it would take to walk, the average amount of time and take into consideration the terrain of the area. That will make the app and city inclusive for everyone, ensuring that people who may not be able to walk for an extended amount of time, such as the disabled or people with young children, can still enjoy a walk and the achievement of finishing a ‘drawing’. In contrast, serious walkers, or perhaps even cyclists, can pick longer, more challenging routes. Then, as they travel, the GPS will follow their path, mapping it out on the map to create a finished image at the end of the walk.
Ediroute Main Version 
Ediroute for Children

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